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Nuneham Courtenay Parish Council News 3/22

Nuneham Courtenay Parish Council News


Housing Infrastructure Fund 1 road

The Council is working as part of a joint committee with four neighbouring parishes to challenge the plans for the Housing Infrastructure Fund 1 road that is related to the Didcot Garden Town project and may turn out to be the start of the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway by stealth, channelling traffic from the A34 at Milton over the Thames and right across the Golden Balls roundabout to the south of the village towards the M40.

The other parishes are Appleford, Burcot & Clifton Hampden, Culham and Sutton Courtenay. They are all much bigger parishes. This Council cannot put much money into the project so we have agreed to administer the joint committee, which basically means receiving and paying the bills for which the other four councils will provide almost all the cash.



The Council next meets on Tuesday 1st March at 7pm in the Village Hall and the Annual Parish Meeting, open to all, will be two days later on Thursday 3rd March at 7pm in the Village Hall – refreshments and snacks will be available.

We will, as usual, invite the Lunch Club, the Playing Field Association and the Village Hall Committee to let everyone know their plans.


20mph speed limit

The Council is submitting a formal request to the County Council to have the speed limit reduced on the main road through the village with the support of our County Councillor, Robin Bennett.

Council Tax

You will soon receive your Council Tax bills for 2022-23. Your bill includes an element that South Oxfordshire adds to your bill to recover the cost of the precept for the parish council.

The Council decided to keep its precept demand the same as for this year: £6,408. But there has been a tiny fall in the number of people in the parish paying the Council Tax so this will show on your bills as a 1% increase in the Council Tax element for the parish council.

I’m afraid it may turn out to be the smallest increase on your bill as well as the smallest part of it – the parish council costs you about £1 per week, if your home is a Band D property.


Geoffrey Ferres

Parish Clerk - Nuneham Courtenay Parish Council