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Baldon Runners












We are restarting the now world famous Baldon Runners in January 2022. This is for ANYONE who has NEVER run, not run for an ETERNITY, or may just need a little motivation to get back into it. (Our more experienced runners group will do their own thing, which is usually 5-6 km minimum, with an average of 8km, and you are more than welcome to join them).

However, with the beginners group, we will do our own thing, starting from an assumed level of fitness of ZERO. We will most likely do more walking than running at first, with loads of recovery in between very short jogs, stretching, engaging a few muscle you forgot you had and restore stability and posture. We may not manage much distance on the first few sessions but by the end (usually 10 weeks) we will ALL be confortable with a 5km run, or your money back guaranteed!! (actually it’s free to everyone, from anywhere, not just the Baldons!, we have runners from far and wide....)

How’s that for a New Year's  resolution!!!! Meet at 8am, prompt, at the Marsh Baldon Cricket Pavillion. (ends at 9). Please share with your friends. Can’t wait to start these sessions again!


For further information contact peterdavidburke@gmail.com