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We are a group of villagers who volunteered to set up ‘Village Voice’ in response to concerns about a proposed development on Green Belt land, between our villages and Oxford city, by landowners Magdalen College, Thames Water and Oxford City Council.

This development would mean an urban expansion of Oxford of 3,000 + houses, south of Grenoble Road. The developers claim they will deliver some affordable homes, but they are unlikely to be affordable to most local people. The developers would gain around £600 million, whilst our communities and Oxford city dwellers would lose countryside they have enjoyed for centuries, for ever.

The purpose of the Green Belt is to prevent the spread of large built-up areas and prevent urban sprawl, except in “exceptional circumstances” specified by government. This proposal does not fit those criteria, there are no “exceptional circumstances” here that warrant incursion into the Green Belt.

There are other serious consequences to consider:-

· Increased traffic, noise and pollution

· Flood danger and health risks

· Strain on services and infrastructure

· Environmental destruction of open, green fields

South Oxfordshire District Council has identified alternative, non-Green Belt sites to meet housing demand until 2032. Village plan surveys have revealed zero support for building on Green Belt land amongst our communities.

At the time of writing we anticipate a submission of full plans by the developers which may be imminent. We wanted to let you know we have a plan of action in place to include:-

· Conduct a survey of Baldons and Nuneham Courtenay villagers to canvass views – we’re aware there may be varying opinions on the development.

· Launch our website to provide further information, latest updates and opportunities to get involved.

· Contact SODC to state your views

Meanwhile if you would like to involved in any way please email: baldonsinfo@gmail.com