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From the Chair of Governors, May 2016

Friday 6th May 2016

Dear Parents, Carers, Pupils, Staff and the Wider Community,


As the Chair of Governors for the Interim Executive Board (IEB) at Marsh Baldon Church of England Primary School, it is my pleasure to formally welcome your new governing body!


This marks an important step in achieving sustainable, professional, robust and effective governance at our school and moving closer to our aspirational vision for our pupils – a vision which all governors and the whole community will play a key role in achieving.


As per my recent communications – the new governors will initially join the Shadow Governing Body and will work alongside the IEB until the end of this academic year. From the 1st September 2016 normal governance will resume at Marsh Baldon C.E Primary School.


The new Governing Body will be made up of the following members:


Sarah Herring                      Headteacher

Natalie Harwood                Staff Governor

Julia Rowe                            Parent Governor

Tina Flannery                      Parent Governor

Paul Fermer                         Co-opted Governor

Rachel Caseby                     Co-opted Governor

Judith Bennett OBE            Co-opted Governor

Kevin Moyes                        LA Governor

Peter Southern                   Foundation Governor

Jennifer Morton                 Foundation Governor


I am extremely pleased that the two current members of the IEB applied and have been appointed to join the Governing Body – clearly they have grown as attached to the school as I have. This will provide a good level of stability for governance at our school. Our governing body will have a fantastic complement of skills and experiences which will enable us to take the school forward.


New governors are currently submitting their photographs and introductory text and these will be added to the website as they come in.. In addition, I will confirm the date and time for an open ‘meet and greet’ session which will be an opportunity for you to come along and meet the new Shadow Governing Body, to get to know them, and to ask any questions you may have.


All new governors will undergo a full induction process which will be managed by their allocated mentor following the Governor Induction Policy. We are not expecting our new governors to be up and running immediately, given that not all have previous governance experience; in line with our school’s values of love, respect, trust and moral courage they will be given all of the support, help and guidance needed in order to grow into their new roles. They will also attend a training event which will include a tour of the school and a chance to meet the pupils.


The first Shadow Governing Body meeting will be on 24th May 2016 and will be an excellent time to pause and reflect on how far the school has come in a short space of time, and the exciting journey ahead for our pupils!


I hope that you will join me in congratulating those appointed, and that you will support them in settling into their new roles.


As always if you have any questions, comments or concerns then please do e-mail me directly: kprm1982@hotmail.com or contact the school office to arrange a meeting with me.


Best wishes,


Kevin Moyes

Interim Chair of Governors - Marsh Baldon C.E Primary School


Shadow Governing Body

Fiona Craig - Deputy Director of Education (School Effectiveness) Diocese of Oxford

Simon Bissett – Governor Services, LA