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Nuneham Courtenay Parish Council News July 2023

Nuneham Courtenay Parish Council News


Would you like to be a Tree Guardian?

The County Council is looking for Community Tree Care Volunteers to look after the new trees they have planted and will plant in future in parishes, like the ornamental Tibetan Cherry recently planted at the southern end of the village.


The County Council’s Tree Service says it is able to provide watering cans and advice on young tree care to any volunteers. It says the scheme is very informal with no commitment requirements.  If you’re interested in looking after the Tibetan Cherry Tree, you can email tree.planting@oxfordshire.gov.uk.


South Oxfordshire District Council

At the annual meeting following the May 2023 elections, South Oxfordshire District Council chose David Rouane, Liberal Democrat councillor for Didcot North East, as Leader and the new Cabinet is again a mixture of Liberal Democrats and Greens, even though the Liberal Democrats have 21 of the 36 councillors and do not need to continue their coalition with the Greens.


Housing Infrastructure Fund 1 road
The County Council’s Planning and Regulation Committee was set to consider the County Council’s own planning application for the proposed road connected with the so-called Didcot Garden Town development on 26th and 27th June, but the meeting has been cancelled.


Your parish council has been working with the parish councils of Appleford, Clifton Hampden, Culham and Sutton Courtenay to challenge the shaky arguments for these separate scraps of new road which look very like sections of the southern route originally proposed for the supposedly abandoned Oxford to Cambridge Expressway, that would have connected the A34 at Milton to the M40 at Wheatley.


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