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Baldons Fuel Charity

Baldons Fuel Charity (BFC) - A Brief History


Many years ago, land to the east of the houses in Nuneham Courtenay was given so that villagers could gather firewood.


In 1965, the Charity known as the ‘Fuel Allotment’ or ‘Poor’s Land’ was established by the Charity Commission with this land comprising the asset.  In 1988, the Charity Commission agreed to rename the charity ‘Baldons Fuel Charity’.


The land was then sold and the Trustees invested the proceeds in Charifund investments.  The income is used to “reduce the need, hardship and distress” of residents in the Baldons.


Between 1988 and 2007, the BFC arranged for the delivery of coal to some households and an annual cash allotment in lieu of coal to all other villagers of pension age to assist with their heating bills.  The amount of the cash allotment was determined by age, with the over 75s receiving an additional amount.  Grants were also paid to individuals/families for a variety of reasons, in particular financial need, who were elderly people who had lived in the Baldons for a number of years.


In 2007 and regularly since then, the Trustees have written to all pensioners in receipt of assistance from the BFC, to ask whether they still required financial help, in the light of the fact that the Charity is required to ensure that help is given only where needed.


Not only can grants be provided to assist with energy costs but in other ways as well.  Awards have been made to help with personal alarms, funeral expenses, mobility aids, school transport and other educational costs.


In view of huge recent increases in fuel (and other) costs, the need for assistance from the charity has seen increased demand, which has put pressure on funds which the BFC has available for distribution. For this reason, it has been decided that future grants will not automatically be given solely on the basis of age but applications from parishioners will be considered on the basis of perceived need.


Application forms are available from the Clerk, Emma Timms 01865 341461


The Trustees are:


Alison Barne                                    

Bruce Don                                    

David Greenaway                      

Alan Johns - Treasurer                

Jacqui Lake                      

Chris Nichols                               

Alison Porter - Chair