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News from Our Churches June 2019

News from our churches

Our Church Annual meetings were held on Sunday, 28th April.

At this meeting Church Wardens and members of the Parochial Church Council are elected for the coming year and a report of the past year's work is presented.  We are very fortunate in the Baldons that we have a dedicated group of people who quietly care for our churches and make sure services and events run smoothly. Special mention was made at the meeting of people in the community who mow grass and keep the churchyards tidy, do the flowers and help in all sorts of ways.

The most particular thanks at this time goes to Debbie Dance who has stood down as Church Warden after ten years of wonderful service.  Debbie's expertise in the care of the buildings has been invaluable and we are very grateful that she has indicated that she will continue to advise us.  The Church Warden's role is, however, a very wide one and Debbie has carried the responsibility and met the various challenges with great skill and care - whether it be meeting Bishops and Archdeacons or providing teas at Nuneham, Debbie has coped with it all and we are greatly indebted to her.

We are fortunate that Ian Gillespie is continuing as Church Warden and we will be appointing our second Warden in due course.  Interviews for a new Team Vicar are being conducted this month and meanwhile we continue to be immensely grateful to Jennifer Morton and the Dorchester Team for keeping everything running smoothly.

The current members of the PCC are Ian Gillespie (Church Warden), Graham Hobbins (Treasurer), Sonia Hobbins, Catherine Mason, John Mason, Sara Mcdouall, Jennifer Morton, Alison Porter (Secretary), Veronica Sandilands (vice Chair) and, newly elected at the Annual Meeting, Natasha Eliot.

Sue Booys is Team Rector for the Dorchester Team.  Any queries about services, or if you would like to speak to someone about a baptism, wedding, or funeral the person to contact in the first instance is the Administrator in the Dorchester Team Office on 01865 340007.  Or, if you prefer, email admin@dorchester-abbey.org.uk.

01865 340007 is also the number you can ring at any time if you need to contact a clergy person urgently.  

Baldons Churchwardens: Debbie Dance (341323) and Ian Gillespie (341398).

It was a particular pleasure to return to St. Peter's in the afternoon of 28th April for the Baptism of Arlo, Denice and Nikolay's new baby.  A lovely family and village occasion.