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Update Sep 2015

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From the Interim Governing Body, Marsh Baldon School

Sept 2015

Dear All,


As some of you may be aware there have been a number of important changes at Marsh Baldon C.E Primary School recently - we therefore wanted to update you on these in order to strengthen the link between school and the wider community.

The Local Authority recently appointed an Interim Governing Body following the resignation of the previous Governing Body. The Chair of the Interim Governing Body is currently the Chair of Governors at St Blaise C.E Primary School. St Blaise C.E Primary School in many ways is similar to Marsh Baldon C.E Primary School; it is a small Church of England village primary school, with 60 pupils, it is at the heart of the community, it embodies Christian Values and is a much loved and cherished place by all who are involved with it. In addition, St Blaise C.E Primary School recently had an OFSTED inspection where it was rated as Good in all areas (compared to the previous “Requires Improvement” rating just 18 months prior to this).

The other governors on the Interim Governing body are:

  • Rachel Caseby - who has a wide range of educational experience and has worked as an Interim Head Teacher, Head Teacher, Teacher, School Governor, Parent Admission Advisor and Governor Tutor.
  • Judith Bennett – who has had wide educational experience, having been a secondary English teacher, in senior management, a governor trainer, a primary governor for 25 years and is currently the Vice Chair of Chalgrove Primary School and Secretary of the Oxfordshire Governors’ Association.
  • The recently appointed permanent Head Teacher, Sarah Herring. Sarah joins us from Horspath C.E Primary School where she was the Deputy Head Teacher and comes with a wealth of previous experience to equip her for her important role.

The Governing Body and Head Teacher are also receiving additional dedicated support from Fiona Craig (Deputy Director for Education at the Oxfordshire Diocese) and Margaret Wolf (School Improvement Officer).

As you can imagine we have been extremely busy since July ensuring that we are ready for September and the challenges ahead. The role of the governing body is to work closely with the head teacher and the school community, to provide adequate help, support and robust challenge to the school’s leadership team. Governors have a role as strategic decision makers and vision setters for the school. Governors are a key part of the overall system for school accountability and as such will ensure that the leadership of the school is held to account for the outcomes of all pupils. Governors play a key role in driving up school and pupil performance and ensuring that resources are used effectively to give every pupil the best possible education, as well as ensuring that they are well rounded citizens. In short, the governing body at Marsh Baldon C.E Primary School will be solely forward looking, will ensure that the school is the best it can be and that we are achieving the best possible outcomes for all pupils.

After many visits to school we can fully appreciate why it is such a special place and the key role it has to play at the heart of the community. One thing which is also clear to us is that the key to school success is working in close partnership with the whole community. We are therefore extremely keen to ensure that there is an open and two-way communication process going forward and that the school remains at the heart of the community.

This communication therefore acts as the starting point to our journey together. We are also meeting with Dorothy Tonge (Chair of Marsh Baldon Parish Council) and the team from St Peter’s Church in the new term to discuss how we can effectively work together with the community.

We will share regular updates with you through this newsletter as we progress and this will include sharing our draft Community Cohesion Plan - once this is ready we will invite your comments, feedback and ideas. We will keep you updated on future events and opportunities for you to engage with our school.

In the meantime please do continue to view our website: http://www.marshbaldonschool.co.uk/welcome.asp   If you would like to contact us to share any comments, thoughts or to ask any questions at this stage then please do e-mail the Chair of Governors on: kprm1982@hotmail.com  or call the school on  (01865) 343249 to arrange a call.

Best Wishes,

Sarah Herring                        Kevin Moyes

Head teacher                        Chair of Governors